NP-International has worked with neighbors of Paseo de la Riviera, listening and incorporating their ideas and concerns into the plans for the project.  The company has invested time and resources into researching optimal traffic routes in and around the project, landscape design for the beautification of nearby Jaycee Park, and the best strategies to make the project pedestrian-friendly.  With traffic concerns and pedestrian safety top of mind, the design and development of the site has implemented such measures as traffic circles, crosswalks, and thoughtful strategies for traffic flow.

NP International continues to work with groups in the Coral Gables community who are also striving to make the city even more beautiful. The company is proud to be a friend of The Underline. The Underline will be a 10-mile linear park and urban trail that aims to transform the land below Miami’s MetroRail into a living art destination that will run through one of Miami’s main arteries. Located across the street from Paseo de la Riviera, The Underline will make this commercial corridor of Coral Gables a ripe area for sustainable urban renovation. NP International looks forward to working with The Underline to make Coral Gables an urban center that is pedestrian-friendly, sustainable, and green. You can learn more about the Underline by visiting its website here.

NP International has also connected with local artists to design and install artwork throughout Paseo de la Riviera. The art installations will be vibrant additions to the surrounding Riviera neighborhood and help to create a center of community for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Please feel free to reach out and start a conversation with us.