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About the Project

Welcome to Paseo de la Riviera (Paseo)! Paseo features a branded hotel, spacious apartments, upscale retail, and a large public open space in the form of a classically designed paseo for residents, visitors, and neighbors to enjoy.


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A “paseo” is both the act of a leisurely walk and a walkway.

Paseo de la Riviera is more than two buildings (hotel/residential); It’s a project in the spirit of the traditional paseo, a place for walking and talking and living. It’s a space for communities to gather and connect, a central location for visitors to see the best of Coral Gables’ culture and style. Paseo de la Riviera will update and revitalize the property where the Coral Gables Holiday Inn is currently located. The project will include a new hotel, a residence, and retail space for the surrounding neighborhood, building residents and visitors to enjoy. The building will be beautifully landscaped, positioned conveniently near Miami’s public rail transportation (across the street from the Metrorail and future site of The Underline) and will feature a lively, open-air paseo in the heart of the project.

We invite you to take a stroll with us and learn about Paseo de la Riviera, a community development project that will bring more life and a stronger community bond to the surrounding area.

Strategically positioned adjacent to the Metrorail and poised to capture the connectivity promised by a new pedestrian bridge, Paseo offers a unique opportunity for young professionals looking for an urban lifestyle within beautiful Coral Gables. The accessible commuting options including proximity to the Metrorail, the Underline, US1 and the Coconut Grove trolley sets Paseo apart from other Coral Gables residential developments.

Paseo honors the historic Coral Gables vision of planned communities and places a value on aesthetics and detail. Paseo is a high-design urban development with community-oriented amenities and strategic mindfulness. We’re providing a surplus of parking and various traffic control measures that promise to make the project a seamless complement to the surrounding neighborhoods and all of Coral Gables.

A fusion of traditional Coral Gables Mediterranean design elements and modern architectural vision, the project will be accessorized with locally commissioned art that captures the culture of the neighborhood that all passersby can enjoy.

We look forward to walking you through Paseo de la Riviera in Fall 2017.


Please contact NP International’s Miami office for all matters related to the Paseo de la Riviera project. Feel free to reach out with questions.


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development rendering

Site Plan


Paseo de la Riviera will replace the Coral Gables Holiday Inn and create a destination for the Riviera neighborhood and surrounding communities. More information coming soon!

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The project’s site plan illustrates the strategic design of the mixed-use development, balancing strong amenities with ample green space. More information coming soon!


The development will include a branded hotel, spacious apartments, upscale retail, and a large paseo.  These amenities will act as a catalyst for future enhancements and improvements to the area. More information coming soon!